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Letter Writing

Snail mail. Happy mail. Mail art. I think of them as delightful keepsake pieces. Handwritten notes are so special now, since our society now thrives on quick, abbreviated responses. Social media has become a mainstream way to communicate and thus, seems to often render that communication lifeless and less meaningful. It can make the world… Continue reading Letter Writing

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Old Sketchbooks

I love visiting old sketchbooks, especially those that I carried around in college. I went to an arts college, so I was constantly in contact with other creatives and inspiration was everywhere. My sketchbooks were for drawing, class notes, project ideas, and creative writing. While I majored in interior design, I was exposed to all… Continue reading Old Sketchbooks

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Journaling in a Moleskine Notebook | What I Learned

I finished yet another blank notebook – huzzah! – this time a Peanuts themed Moleskine. I’ve used Moleskine journals way back in high school, so journaling in one really brought me back to the basics of putting pen to paper. Only I decided to really go old school and try writing with my soft-leaded Blackwing… Continue reading Journaling in a Moleskine Notebook | What I Learned

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Dr. Martens Satchel Review

When I shop, I do research, asking myself plenty of questions – is this going to benefit my life somehow?  Will I end up donating this in a year?  Is it worth the cost?  After years of minimizing and Kon-Mari-ing, this is what happens in my brain. Then I soul-search – will this item feed… Continue reading Dr. Martens Satchel Review