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Blue Midori Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing

To mark my 30th birthday and as a treat to myself, I decided to open the Blue Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  I’d gotten it back in September 2015 when we were in London and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it when I saw it in JP London Books. I didn’t think I was… Continue reading Blue Midori Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing

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Craft Cart Tour

Two years and three moves later, I have curated a well stocked craft cart that both meets my crafting/stationery needs, yet doesn’t make me feel like I’m hoarding supplies and letting it gather dust.   You’ve seem my craft box contents in a previous post, but now I take you into what’s in my very… Continue reading Craft Cart Tour

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Nail Polish Clear-Out

I love a good capsule.  Capsule wardrobe, capsule makeup collection, capsule craft kit.  So why not a capsule nail polish collection? I used to have a huge vintage stamp drawer hung up on the wall displaying my dozens of bottles of nail polish.  Having been a subscriber of a few beauty boxes, it made it… Continue reading Nail Polish Clear-Out

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Craft Box Contents | A Tour

It took two years to pare down to having most of my craft supplies housed in what The Container Store calls a small hobby box.  Before this, I had a whole craft room with a drafting table, a bookshelf full of supplies and even a closet packed with even more.  It all gathered dust.  And… Continue reading Craft Box Contents | A Tour

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Blogger’s Writer’s Block

I struggled with blogging the past couple years. Recently, I was able to pinpoint why I had blogger’s writer’s block. I had lacked direction and with big lifestyle changes having happened, some of my interests and goings on had shifted drastically, and I wasn’t sure quite how to put that down on paper. But my… Continue reading Blogger’s Writer’s Block