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Finding Focus

I’m having difficulty staying focused lately. While I have no problem making very detailed To-Do lists, I’m lacking the time management to actually tackle it. Maybe that’s one of the flaw with planners. We aspire to be, at least on paper, productive beings and I can easily fill a page with things I should get… Continue reading Finding Focus

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Journaling Your Stress and Anxiety

The most frequently asked question I get is, “how do you fill up your journals so quickly?” I often merely answer, “I have a lot to write about” and that is very true. I have endless thoughts, I fill pages of images and collages that inspire me or express what I feel at the moment,… Continue reading Journaling Your Stress and Anxiety

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The Struggles | Stationery Minimalism

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.” — William Morris Minimalism is nothing new. Many cultures practice keeping only what was necessary. Throughout history, incomes dictated what you could buy and keep in your home. Then came the Victorians, the generation that defined collecting.… Continue reading The Struggles | Stationery Minimalism

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Letter Writing

Snail mail. Happy mail. Mail art. I think of them as delightful keepsake pieces. Handwritten notes are so special now, since our society now thrives on quick, abbreviated responses. Social media has become a mainstream way to communicate and thus, seems to often render that communication lifeless and less meaningful. It can make the world… Continue reading Letter Writing

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Old Sketchbooks

I love visiting old sketchbooks, especially those that I carried around in college. I went to an arts college, so I was constantly in contact with other creatives and inspiration was everywhere. My sketchbooks were for drawing, class notes, project ideas, and creative writing. While I majored in interior design, I was exposed to all… Continue reading Old Sketchbooks

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Journaling in a Moleskine Notebook | What I Learned

I finished yet another blank notebook – huzzah! – this time a Peanuts themed Moleskine. I’ve used Moleskine journals way back in high school, so journaling in one really brought me back to the basics of putting pen to paper. Only I decided to really go old school and try writing with my soft-leaded Blackwing… Continue reading Journaling in a Moleskine Notebook | What I Learned