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Dr. Martens Satchel Review

When I shop, I do research, asking myself plenty of questions – is this going to benefit my life somehow?  Will I end up donating this in a year?  Is it worth the cost?  After years of minimizing and Kon-Mari-ing, this is what happens in my brain. Then I soul-search – will this item feed… Continue reading Dr. Martens Satchel Review

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Passport Planner Update & Setup

I’m more than halfway through the year of using my passport sized Midori Traveler’s Notebook and very much enjoying the setup.  I love that the main weekly view insert goes for only half the year, so I’m not weighed down with carrying months of old information. My system works: I prefer a weekly view, with… Continue reading Passport Planner Update & Setup

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Camel Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing & Setup

I have to admit, I was quite surprised at how much I’ve come to love the camel Traveler’s Notebook.  I pre-ordered the passport size not knowing if I would truly appreciate the colorr and wondered perhaps if I were getting caught up in the 10th anniversary hype.   But because I so happily enjoyed using… Continue reading Camel Traveler’s Notebook Unboxing & Setup

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New Midori Setup

I decided to change things up in my Midori to give it a refresh.  Now that I have a few new bits – Pan Am themed things especially – I decided to add them.  It’s getting my hyped up for my upcoming trip and thought I’d share the setup.  Also, if you’re interested, what I’ve… Continue reading New Midori Setup

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I’m so Asian when it comes to Stationery…

I don’t claim a lot to my Chinese heritage.  I don’t cook the dishes, (I know a few, but my husband laments that the only way he can get Chinese food is going to a restaurant!), I speak it only to my parents, since local Cantonese-speaking folks are a rare thing in these WI parts,… Continue reading I’m so Asian when it comes to Stationery…

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Portland | Vacation Pt 2

Our first evening in Portland consisted of good ramen at Miho Izakaya and then relaxing in the Rosebud. It’s been a dream of mine to stay at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel and it did not disappoint in its coziness. Since it was nearly 70 degrees, we had all the windows open to let the… Continue reading Portland | Vacation Pt 2

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Mini Travel Series | My Midori Kit

If you’ve checked out my previous posts, you know I’m heading for a much-needed vacation.  A week-long trip to visit family, sight-see, scout out potential neighborhoods and experiencing tiny living in Portland’s Tiny House Hotel.  And whenever I travel, I love to journal my experiences – this time, I want to scrapbook all my memories… Continue reading Mini Travel Series | My Midori Kit