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Ol’ Blue Eyes

His music got me through high school. I don’t remember who introduced me to his work, but it was freshman year. I had grown up with classic movies, Doris Day, and Old Hollywood, but to suddenly be opened up to the voice of Frank Sinatra…wow. I was besotted.

Suddenly the world of 40s big bands was brought to life. My fascination for history really picked up from there, leading to not only Sinatra’s music, but also his movies and the glamorous world he occupied in his lifetime. His rich voice carried a depth and tonal variation that I had never encountered before in all the music I listened to in my young life. His music also soothed my then-undiagnosed anxiety and really helped to make the high school years somewhat bearable. He so inspired me that I used him as a theme to a 40s cocktail party which I hosted with a friend.

Some of my favorites are Come Fly With Me, The Music Stopped, The Way You Look Tonight and One For My Baby.  As for film, where viewers are rewarded with his incredible voice, I love Young at Heart (with the ever delightful Doris Day), Guys and Dolls, and High Society (where he croons with the legendary Bing Crosby).

I’m revisiting his music now, in my pursuit of self-care.  Less screen time and dedicating more time on listening to good music while I cook or journal, Sinatra being one.  When I listen to him, it brings back all the feelings of relaxation. It’s hard to describe, but it takes me back in time as if I were reliving a former life. If ever I’m asked what my favorite music is, Sinatra is always my first thought, as if he were a category unto his own. But isn’t he? His is what music should be – soulful, playful, and eternally classic.


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