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The Stationery Tool I Love Best

I think that out of all the craft tools I possess, scissors are my number one favorite. Handy in so many ways; scissors are worth carrying around. While I keep a couple larger utilitarian pairs, I’m pickier with my mini scissors. I like to switch them out from time to time, coordinating it to the other tools I pick for my current journal kit. Whether it’s for cutting a tag off a new dress or trimming washi tape, scissors are indispensable. Having one slipped into an everyday carry-all for journaling is essential – I even go so far as to suggest keeping one in a makeup bag or handbag pouch.


In their miniature size, they offer a bit of quality luxury at an affordable price, so they make for a great way to revamp one’s desk décor or pencil box. And they make very elegant gifts to fellow journalers. While my collection is modest and only just beginning, I don’t feel guilt in always keeping an eye out for more small pairs when I am out shopping, as the entire collection takes up very little room and are always functional. If I were to suggest one absolute essential design, it would be to find a foldable pair. Blades under three inches are currently allowed onto planes, so if you avoid checking luggage as I do, there are no worries on having to lose your scissors to security. I’ve travelled numerous times with mine and have had no issues.


A foldable pair adds very little weight to journal kits. Slim pairs can easily be slipped into the zip pouch of a Traveler’s Notebook without adding too much bulk, which I often do. And I love seeing which pairs fellow journalers carry. The style they choose often conveys personality. As there are so many types of design, the shape, the type of material used all express the creator who owns it: modern and sleek, a replica of a pair from the 1700s or even simple and practical. I love them all.


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