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Travel Stickers | Stationery Minimalism

More and more places are producing them. Before I moved away from Milwaukee, I made it a fun project to collect as many as I could from all the local places I used to frequent. Restaurants, cafés, shops – in the last couple years I spent in my hometown, I collected them religiously. Not only did it give me a chance to revisit these locations one last time, but they also made for a great collector’s item and it became a fun way to remember my hometown.

There were times we went back multiple times, so I had several spares to add to my journal. Years prior, my husband had gotten a vintage Samsonite suitcase that he wanted to cover with stickers from our travels. It became a hunt that would take us into all sorts of non-touristy streets and made us interact with the locals. So started our travel sticker collection.


Postcards are easily gotten everywhere, though for journaling, sometimes they are too big or too thick for personal preference. Sometimes brochures are too wordy or don’t possess the right image. But stickers are a summary of a visit. In a way, it can be a minimalist journaler’s ideal must-have for souvenirs. They are affordable and thin, taking up very little room and adding very little bulk to one’s journal. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing these stickers in my pages. In one image so cleverly designed, I feel memories of my visit flood through me. If it’s a sticker from a restaurant, I remember the meals I’ve had there, I can almost taste the cheese plates and sauces. I always get so excited when I see a sticker available, because it means it’s one more for my collection, one fun element to add to my pages.



I hope this inspires you to keep an eye out for a few when you next travel.




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