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Natural Beauty in a Palette

I started my blog and Youtube channel long ago to chat about beauty products, which I still love to this day, though now it leans more on the natural side. Though, let me tell you, it is hard to find natural products that hold up as well as the more commercial, popular brands. I have spent years (and loads of money) on oft-times failing products. But one brand has never disappointed – Jane Iredale. While I did receive this complimentary* palette to offer feedback, very rarely have I written a blog post about the products I have tested. And more rarely have I stood behind a product and company so strongly for what it stands for.



Not only are Jane Iredale products extremely high quality, eco-friendly and all natural, but they also work. Their packaging is high end and very sleek, so it looks pretty sitting on a vanity. So when I was to receive this for review, I was ecstatic. It fit all my criteria for makeup and since I don’t buy makeup often anymore, I want to know that what I do have will work well. There is no questioning the quality of Jane Iredale’s products, and this palette is no exception.


My one negative is that because this is a palette for light/medium skin tone, the foundation powder doesn’t quite blend with my color. I will say I am trying this while summer is in full swing, so perhaps that may explain why the powder – Amber and Radiant – are too light for me. This would be a better match for me in the winter. But how wonderful it is to have a natural foundation with SPF in it. For someone who always forgets to put sunscreen on sunscreen in makeup is a major bonus. The powder also doesn’t offer much cover up, so it won’t do much to conceal any blemishes. What is nice is that the powder is light on the skin, so it doesn’t feel caked on in summer weather.



Above: The swatches in bright bathroom light and then in natural light.  From Left to right: Amber, Radiant, Sheer Honey blush, Oyster and Supernova eye shadow.

The pigmentation of the eye shadows and blush are so fine, you only need a light hand. I think for this shade of blush (Sheer Honey), it would do well into the fall season, which is exactly what I like – a multi-seasonal shade. This blush comes off as more of a berry color, so I am not sure why it’s is associated with the word honey. The lilac eye shadow Supernova, works well for a daytime smoky eye and compliments my yellow undertones. I haven’t yet tried it, but I would think the white eye shadow Oyster, could be dabbed on as a highlighter to the cheek to really make this a multi-use palette. Both the latter possess the lovely almost-duo chrome sheen I like in eye shadows.


Forever Peach lip and cheek stain on the far left, as seen above.


One of my favorite parts is the handy mini foldable powder brush. Long after this case is used up, that brush could easily be slipped into a makeup bag for touchups. So handy! My ultimate favorite bit is the lip and cheek tint, aptly named Forever Peach. When I uncapped the tube, I was skeptical of the color. Such bright sheer peach tones tend to get lost on my two-tone lips. It smells nice, but I thought it was going to sadly be the least used product. Lo and behold, a few swipes on my lips and right before my eyes, my lips started changing color. It became a lovely, oh-so-natural shade of light rose. It was my lips, but better shade – hard to find and hard to achieve for my lip color. Immediately, it solidified how much I loved this mini makeup kit.

The packaging appears to be mostly eco-friendly, cardboard and some sort of aluminum, with only plastic on the brush handles. It is rather bulky, but it may be that this packaging was specific for Influenster feedback and I hope it’s slimmer for those who buy directly from the company. I would love to have such a kit for travel.

I would spend my own money for Jane Iredale products.  And very happy to have received this for review.  Check out Jane Iredale’s Products if you haven’t already, their quality proves their worth.


*This palette was sent to me for free by Influenster to review. All opinions are my own.

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