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Stationery Minimalism – Shopping My Stash

I did a video a while back in late 2016 about my journey to pare down on things I didn’t need stationery-wise. I talked about all the blank journals I was still holding onto and my intent on using them up. I’m happy to report that I am well on my way to doing so. As soon as I posted my 2017 Journal Lineup video, I soon moved into a new everyday journal, with one of my favorite covers, a whimsical scene of a bear on a magic carpet going off to new adventures.

The pages inside have equally fairy tale-like illustrations, which makes for a nice change to the blank pages of a Traveler’s Notebook insert, but I sometimes find the illustrations too dark to write over, therefore they take up quite a bit of potential writing space.


This journal has carried me through most of May. Now, I have moved what is called a novel journal, where classics like the entirety of Alice in Wonderland (which is the one I have) is printed in tiny font to make up the ‘lines’ of the pages. I can re-read the book and journal at the same time. It’s colorful, which is quite different from my usual style, but so far, I am enjoying the change. Part of the charm is that it’s really reminiscent of what I used to use back in high school. With it, I’m using a blue 0.7 Muji pen. I usually hate writing in blue ink, but this pen writes so smoothly on the paper and since it’s a pen I need to use up – I’m not fighting it. It works.


In the last few months, I haven’t been shopping for supplies. I have, in fact, been shopping my stash, rediscovering some supplies and making a point to use up others. With my new desk nook, I am able to have more things displayed, which keeps me in-the-know of what I have so I don’t purchase more.   Among those items are my stamps. Fun to buy, but easy to collect, I’ve struggled to use them on a regular basis, but lately, have made a point to reach for them and just have fun layering designs and colors.


I’m quite happy with my progress and the challenge of tightening my budget on art supplies. Like other mindfulness exercises, it’s teaching me on the importance of being happier with what I have and not with what I want. And I enjoy the process of expanding my creativity with my tools, rather than constantly seeking new things to experiment with.

How are you enjoying your own stationery minimalism journeys?

3 thoughts on “Stationery Minimalism – Shopping My Stash

  1. I’ve seen your tea set on both your You Tube channel and now on your blog. it is so beautiful. Everything you do is so fabulous!! I’m in the market for a new tea set.Can you tell what brand your is and where you bought or where i can find one that is similar? Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Hi there! My blue floral tea set is from the English Tea Store, which I believe has an array of sets and tea things that can be purchased online. My tea set was a gift to me, so I don’t know too much outside of that, but that’s what it has printed on the underside of the tea ware. I hope that helps!

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