Midori Traveler's Notebook

TN Passport Wallet Setup

I dig the passport wallet setup.


As soon as I got my hands on the camel passport edition for TN’s 10th anniversary, I set it up as such.  I keep it streamlined, using a business card holder with the zip pouch to display important IDs, credit cards and coupons I wanted immediate access to.  I added reminders of my time in England, too, with a couple of British coins.









I carry one blank insert inside for quick note taking, grocery lists, to-dos and randomness, since I don’t carry my planner with and in case my regular TN journal isn’t by by side – rare, but it happens.

The latest edition is my financial tracker, designed by Taroko Shop on Etsy.  I decided it was better to keep it in my wallet, rather than in my planner, since I can immediately write down purchases I don’t want to get receipts for.  I love that this tracker has the lines differentiated by color, so it’s easier to glance through, with slots for you to tick off on how the purchase was made, and whether it was planned or not.

So far, I’ve enjoyed using it in this wallet setup.  It’s really allowed for the leather to get scratched up and keeps the wallet portion streamlined, since I don’t have too much space to work with.  I’m really glad I switched to this format.  It makes for a rather unique thing to pull out at the checkout line!

Check out the setup up close on my Youtube channel.

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