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Passport Planner Update & Setup

I’m more than halfway through the year of using my passport sized Midori Traveler’s Notebook and very much enjoying the setup.  I love that the main weekly view insert goes for only half the year, so I’m not weighed down with carrying months of old information.





My system works: I prefer a weekly view, with the weekend divided out with the same amount of space as the rest of the week – plenty of room to fill in with fun plans.  I use the zip pouch insert to showcase a few photos, but mainly functional items, such as stamps, important contact information, as well as the ever-charming British message of “Keep calm and carry on.”

Now that I work from home full-time and have no need to carry this with me to the office, I did want a bit of a change.  I wanted to add a monthly view to track local activities, as well as treat days and possibly travel.  Having the overall monthly view will allow me to see this better.  And I wanted to add a financial tracker for personal expenses.

I color code with some of my favorite pens, a system that’s now streamlined and has worked for me for over a year now.  They stay perfectly organized in my leather J.Crew case meant for tech adaptors that I found at an outlet store a while back, sadly no longer available.  I use the following:

Muji .07 blue gel = plans with my husband, Le Pen Lavender = personal appointments/me-time, Muji .05 green gel = money related, Pilot Precise V5 Red in Extra Fine for health/important notes, Papermate M in orange = family and a Sharpie Ultra Fine marker for plastic sticky notes and all those you-never-know moments.

Please check out my in-depth video on the new setup:



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