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Dr. Martens Satchel Review

When I shop, I do research, asking myself plenty of questions – is this going to benefit my life somehow?  Will I end up donating this in a year?  Is it worth the cost?  After years of minimizing and Kon-Mari-ing, this is what happens in my brain.

Then I soul-search – will this item feed my soul?  Will it make me happy or am I just shopping out of boredom.


I wanted to preface this because when I saw this satchel at Dr. Martens, it was something that according to Marie Kondo, sparked joy in me and I got it immediately.  This doesn’t happen often.  And this satchel just so happens to coordinate well with my newest Traveler’s Notebook in camel.  I am in love.


I’ve always wanted a English schoolboy-type satchel and this fits the bill perfectly.  The leather is soft, but structured enough to keep its shape.  It’ll mark up nicely after constant use, and the color is such that it will go with everything.  The best part, it fits my regular Traveler’s Notebook and passport wallet perfectly, a requirement for most handbags I purchase now.

For a more in depth review on the bag, check out my video:








2 thoughts on “Dr. Martens Satchel Review

  1. I had no idea that Dr. Martens made bags! I love their shoes, and I should purchase this as well! So cute and versatile, Please check out my latest post if you can, it’d mean a lot! xx

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