Midori Traveler's Notebook

Weekend Recap #3: Lots of Food

Nothing beats a three-day weekend.  Not only was it my ideal weather of mid-70s to low 50s at night, but we got a lot of good eating in.

Top Pot was a highly recommended place to stop for doughnuts – hand-forged, no less, according to its sign.  I always go for the classic glazed one, which was okay, but then again, I’ve had the best donuts of my life made my the Wisconsin Amish, so it takes a lot to top theirs.  In Old Bellevue, a cute area of small boutiques restaurants, we stopped into Jujubeet for a green juice and matcha lattes.  I was so enamored with their interior aesthetic, of sage green benches and marble tables.  I had to pull out my Camel wallet for a photo or two, and I just so happened to have my copy of Obscura magazine with.


All through the week, I’ve been researching backpacks for a future two week sojourn in Europe.  Sadly, the model I want to try on wasn’t there, but I got a good idea of what size works for my height.  That’s my go-to expression for photos.

How adorable are these corgi mugs from Anthropologie?  We ended the night with my mom’s recipe for sweet and sour chicken, though we grilled the meat instead of frying it.  It was our first time trying dragonfruit – think of it as flavorless kiwi flesh.

I prepped some bulk snacks in my favorite Lunchbots five-compartment bento to take with us to the Woodland Park Zoo.  I love opening this box and seeing those snacks so nicely laid out.








We happened upon a Sunday farmers’ market in Ballard after running some more errands.  There were beautiful crates filled with bulk soap (a weakness of mine), pints of fresh berries and succulents, but we only walked away with a shiitake mushroom starter, which I’m sure I’ll report back on.  #hobbitses…  One of my favorite parts of it is a station where two ‘newsies’ sat with their typewriters, with a sign that said “Poems: Your topic, your price.”


The weekend is not over yet, but I’m taking July 4th easy, relaxing at home and catching up on journaling.  I hope everybody has a great Independence Day!

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