Midori Traveler's Notebook

Back in My Brown Midori

Love is never as true as your first.  Perhaps that’s putting it a bit strongly, but while I still love ‘ol Blue, I started missing my brown Midori terribly, and recently switched back.  This was my first Traveler’s Notebook and the one that travels with me the most, so the memories run deep.

Currently, I’m journaling in #66 in a #013 Midori insert.  I’m a creature of habit, so only mementos and photos from my travels update the interior.

I love keeping my TN streamlined, preventing it from getting too heavy or thick, which I dislike.  With my carrying it everywhere, it’s now starting to show some age.  The more scarring, the better!  And now that we’ve reached our new home, it often sits with me outside on our little patio, so I’m able to enjoy a hot cup of tea and journal while looking out onto a sea of greenery.  This is certainly something I can get used to.




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