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We Moved!

We made it to Washington!

The weeks leading up to the Road Trip were busier than we anticipated, as all moves have a tendency to be.  With 30+ hours of driving and one car load of belongings, bunnies and gerbils, we made it safely to our destination.  The scenery was beautiful, transitioning from flat farmland to mountainous terrain.  Our journey took us north of Wisconsin, through Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and Idaho.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing snow-peaked mountains on the horizon.

Of course, I recorded every detail of our trip into my Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  Someone once suggested using a clipboard to write on and it was by far, the best travel-journal tip I’ve tried.  It gave me a nice flat surface to write on and fit the size of my Midori perfectly.

Out of all the items from my Midori kit that I had packed, I (predictably) did not use my stamps and chalk ink pad, but washi, sticky dots and all that travel ephemera were what I reached for throughout.  My Instax camera was the perfect way to record in-the-moment images.  It doesn’t do too well with taking photos from inside the car while it’s moving (i.e. while I was trying to take pictures of mountains and the flash reflection), but for the most part, it managed to capture small moments of the trip.  I love my Instax camera for being a perfect travel accessory.

It took three days of driving to reach our new home.  Since the rest of our things won’t be joining us until the end of July, we got some simple pieces of furniture to help get us by.  A slight splurge was our patio set and a small grill to take advantage of excellent summer weather and meals outdoors, and we don’t regret this!  The weather has been beautiful and I’ve enjoyed so much being able to sit outside with a cup of tea and my Midori, of course.

We’ve settled in nicely and thankfully, the bunnies did not rebel after what they thought was our new nomadic lifestyle.  We’re ready to resume our routines.

And in case you haven’t noticed, my blog name has now changed from EmpireDays to Girl and Quill.  I’ve been playing around with that name for a long time, since it so perfectly encompasses my love of stationery, old worldliness and just being a woman navigating life.  You can now find me with that username on most of my social media, as well!





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