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Makeup Collection | One Year Later

Paring down meant doing so in every aspect of my life.  Beauty products was definitely a category I needed to tackle, because at one point in my life, I was caught up by all the youtube hyped reviews and found myself buying things just to try them.  My skin didn’t take to the constant changing of skincare or makeup colors and it was definitely not wallet friendly.

My first makeup collection video was posted over a year ago at the beginning of 2015, where I purged what I wasn’t using.  Since then, I have found a happy medium of natural and non-natural products, narrowing it down to things I absolutely enjoy using.  What a revelation, yet it’s such a simple concept – using only things that we like!

I’m so pleased with the changes, being able to now rotate constantly through the eye palettes, lip products and cheek tints.  Best part of all is being able to see the results of my streamlining my life.  And in the beauty department, it was definitely a refreshing change.

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