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2016 Planner Setup

DSC_3884I love planners.  I’ve used one ever since they started giving one away at the beginning of each school year starting in middle school.  For an organizational person like me, it was so much fun to color-code and make sure appointments were not forgotten.

Over the years, I’ve used so many different versions.  Thick spiral-bound styles, thin booklet sorts, you name it, I’ve used them.  It wasn’t because I hadn’t found what is known today as ‘planner-peace’, it was really a want to switch things up.  But lately, I’ve found myself wanting to stick to something that’s simple, that’s functional and consistent.

In my college days and early 20s, I’ve used and loved – still do – Moleskine pocket planners.  They are small, portable, and so practical.  But I was looking for change, and in comes the planner craze I discovered – the world of Filofaxes and Filofax-like planners.  I got the Kikki regular sized planner and went a little nuts on trying to decorate and keep it chock full of sticky notes and such.  It didn’t quite work out, partly because I realized I didn’t like decorating in detail something I didn’t plan on keeping.  It also made carrying it to and from work bulky and heavy.

Next came the pocket sized Kikki K.  Like the larger version, the color appealed to me and I carried this one in an Orla Kiely for Target pouch, rather than a homemade cloth bag, to keep it stain/scratch free.  It was still a lot of bulk for me and the pocket size, at least how the planner inserts were formatted, didn’t allow for too much room to write in, especially on the weekend.  The binder style seemed too clunky for me.

DSC_3886Then I decided to take the plunge and get the passport size Midori.  I’d already been well immersed in my Midori as a main journal and going to the passport size for everyday appointment keeping was the best decision ever.  It streamlines my calendar, the design itself keeps things slim and lightweight and it’s a delight to look at and use.

I like that the inserts cover just over 6 months, so you don’t have to carry a year’s worth of past events once it gets to the end of the year.  The weekend layouts are also the same size as the rest of the weekdays, allowing for plenty of room to write to-dos and lists.  Love this feature.

I’ve also learned to streamline my planner essentials, utilizing my J.Crew leather case to house my pens, which I use to color-code.  I’m so happy I’ve managed to keep things simple, so appointments and To-Dos aren’t overshadowed by too many stickers and such.  It works well for me and I don’t see myself straying from this setup for years to come.


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