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Nail Polish Clear-Out

I love a good capsule.  Capsule wardrobe, capsule makeup collection, capsule craft kit.  So why not a capsule nail polish collection?

I used to have a huge vintage stamp drawer hung up on the wall displaying my dozens of bottles of nail polish.  Having been a subscriber of a few beauty boxes, it made it easy to fill up all those slots.

I had a good clear out before we sold the house, though my safety net was packing away infrequently used, but still-liked colors.  When I recently was able to go through all the boxes with refreshed motivation to pare down, I found a bag that had managed to escape elimination.  I had too many colors and as always with having too many options, I was neglecting the polishes I truly liked.  To determine that, I painted swatches onto print paper, putting them into major color categories.


I realized Essie formulas always streaked, no wonder I didn’t reach for them.  Three shades of gold?  Oh dear.  Six varieties of red?  Well, one was cherry red, another shimmery and one the classic vampy red…A bottle of Rimmel purple nail polish I’ve had for over eight years?  Ok, now I have a problem.

I ended up discarding 12 bottles.  I have a couple I’m hanging onto until I can find a replacement for, like a classic nude nail and one for French manicures.  My mini hobby box from the Container Store fits all the remaining bottles perfectly.  Though one day I’d like to get it down to ten of my absolute favorite shades and formulas, I’m happy with what I’ve got.  Here’s to another part of my life simplified.

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