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Craft Box Contents | A Tour


It took two years to pare down to having most of my craft supplies housed in what The Container Store calls a small hobby box.  Before this, I had a whole craft room with a drafting table, a bookshelf full of supplies and even a closet packed with even more.  It all gathered dust.  And having such a plethora of projects and supplies for so many different things – I thought jewelry making was going to be such a cool thing to pick up, and why not try found object art a la Joseph Cornell? – I felt overwhelmed.  It’s like staring at a huge menu, when you have too many options, you become indecisive.

I’d had enough.  No more holding onto projects that never came to be, no more holding sentimental value over little bits and bobs.


DSC_3883Letting it all go was a slow process.  Why was it so hard to let go of ephemera when I could easily donate a $150 dress?  It was ridiculous!  The last few months saw the most improvement, when I got the hobby box and decided that I want to fit a majority of my supplies into it.  What a weight off my shoulders it became.  Please note that my mini stamps, wash tape, hot glue gun, wood burner tool, small pouch of stickers, mini water color palette and brushes aren’t in there, but I feel once I’ve used up some journaling cards and such, that will make room for most of that.

DSC_3881Opening this box up now makes me so happy.  I can see all my supplies and at a glance, take inventory of everything.  I am keeping supplies for the actual journaling I am doing.  I’m not holding onto things for a side hobby I might dabble in in the future.  And that feels so good.


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