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Blogger’s Writer’s Block


I struggled with blogging the past couple years. Recently, I was able to pinpoint why I had blogger’s writer’s block. I had lacked direction and with big lifestyle changes having happened, some of my interests and goings on had shifted drastically, and I wasn’t sure quite how to put that down on paper.

But my life has reached a point where clarity isn’t so difficult to achieve and my passions are so obvious now. Now, I find inspiration daily, in simple moments and the mindset that if I like something, there’s got to be someone in this world who might like it too.

I recently picked up Artful Blogging, a beautifully photographed magazine I’ve always flipped through but never really paid too much mind to. But with my hopes of building up my blog, I’m hoping there’s some nice tips, tricks and inspiration I can cultivate. I so look forward to reading and writing with a fresh outlook.

Has anyone felt the same recently with your blog? Or has anyone held off on starting a blog because you felt like perhaps your topics aren’t that interesting? I know the feeling. I’d be interested in hearing what suggestions you might have on how to get through this writer’s block and what’s kept you motivated on your posting schedule. As I’m still working on my own, I definitely look forward to getting it established and revealing to you the bits that make me happy.

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