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2015 Review & 2016 Goals


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s off to a great start to 2016 and if you have resolutions, please share! I definitely have a few goals to share myself.

To recap the last half of the year and why I haven’t posted much was because of the following:

  • We sold our house.
  • Moved to the middle of nowhere to live out 6 months while we prepared for our move. (If you follow me on my Youtube channel, you will know the details; if not, we moved out-in-the-county, as they call it, to live with my mother-in-law. She and I have a great relationship, but all the same, wouldn’t recommend if you want to have a normal marriage and are also a city-girl at heart. Middle of nowhere country offers little entertainment.)
  • We revisited my favorite country in the world – England. We went to Manchester, Lincoln, London, Bath, Oxford, and many other wonderful places. It was two weeks of bliss.
  • We returned to pack up our life into a POD.
  • Hurrah – my company decided to let me work remote! I wouldn’t have to leave my position.
  • Four days before we were due to drive out to our new life in Seattle, WA, my husband’s company decided not to let him go remote…as we get our health benefits from his job, we couldn’t just go ahead with the move.
  • We went through all the stages of grief.
  • After a couple days of that, we moved to Downtown Milwaukee to live out our days here until my husband can find something in Seattle.
  • We’ve settled into an apartment that is close to the size of what our future Tiny House will be.

It was six months of chaos, packing, unpacking, paring down even more and packing up again. I’ve learned to live with less and realize what I want to keep versus what I can live without. I’ve learned a lot of patience and that I also need to build up my upper body strength for my next move.

With the new year, I can focus my attention on something I’ve missed – posting on this blog. I’ve had so many ideas in the last year that haven’t made it to paper (computer screen).

And now that I am reaching my 30th year of life, I plan on making big changes and goals, some that I’ve been putting off and some that fit my lifestyle now:

  • I want to work on my health. Get my blood sugar levels normal, get fit, and improve my diet even more.  Being healthy is so important and I want this to be the main goal.
  • Make even better spending decisions. Last year was great, but I feel I can do better.
  • 2016 is the year I utilize a capsule wardrobe full-time. I want to focus on investment pieces.
  • Dedicate time to date nights with my husband.
  • Pare down even more – is this possible? I’ve talked about my minimalism comfort level on my Youtube channel, but I still feel like I could do with less.
  • Focus my creativity – I’ve posted a lot on my Youtube, so here’s to a year of doing the same for my blog.
  • Pamper myself. I’ve learned to lesson my anxiety and stress, but with being an introvert in a world of extroverts, I want to schedule time to recharge.

2015 wasn’t a bad year entirely, but it did have some extremely stressful and disappointing parts. I’m looking forward to a fresh year with hopefully more in our favor. Until then, I plan on working hard to post regularly and get back into my journaling content groove.





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