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2016 Planner Setup

I love planners.  I’ve used one ever since they started giving one away at the beginning of each school year starting in middle school.  For an organizational person like me, it was so much fun to color-code and make sure appointments were not forgotten. Over the years, I’ve used so many different versions.  Thick spiral-bound… Continue reading 2016 Planner Setup

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Nail Polish Clear-Out

I love a good capsule.  Capsule wardrobe, capsule makeup collection, capsule craft kit.  So why not a capsule nail polish collection? I used to have a huge vintage stamp drawer hung up on the wall displaying my dozens of bottles of nail polish.  Having been a subscriber of a few beauty boxes, it made it… Continue reading Nail Polish Clear-Out

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Craft Box Contents | A Tour

It took two years to pare down to having most of my craft supplies housed in what The Container Store calls a small hobby box.  Before this, I had a whole craft room with a drafting table, a bookshelf full of supplies and even a closet packed with even more.  It all gathered dust.  And… Continue reading Craft Box Contents | A Tour

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Blogger’s Writer’s Block

I struggled with blogging the past couple years. Recently, I was able to pinpoint why I had blogger’s writer’s block. I had lacked direction and with big lifestyle changes having happened, some of my interests and goings on had shifted drastically, and I wasn’t sure quite how to put that down on paper. But my… Continue reading Blogger’s Writer’s Block

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Stationery from HK & China

I was not lucky enough to attend a cousin’s wedding this past December due to timing issues with my move(s). But my little brother, who was able to go, brought me back a taste of Hong Kong and Guangzhou in the form of stationery. Memories flood back as I gaze over at the Sanrio stickers… Continue reading Stationery from HK & China

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The Etsy Shop I Can’t Stay Away From

Why not start the New Year with new stationery? Whenever I need a few items to help refresh my journaling, I always turn to my favorite Etsy shop, Geluk, for some cute, fun items. Shipping is a little high, as it hails from Japan, so I had to take one for the team and just make my… Continue reading The Etsy Shop I Can’t Stay Away From

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2015 Review & 2016 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s off to a great start to 2016 and if you have resolutions, please share! I definitely have a few goals to share myself. To recap the last half of the year and why I haven’t posted much was because of the following: We sold our house. Moved to the… Continue reading 2015 Review & 2016 Goals