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Paring Down Hobbies

If you’ve seen my previous post on a recent stationery shopping spree, you can tell I’ve been focused on something dear to my heart and crucial to my sanity – journaling.  Some of you might be wondering why I’m suddenly buying so much when I’m trying to pare down.  Simplifying one’s life isn’t about never purchasing things again, it’s about getting rid of the excess and dedicate time for the things that mean most.

Two months ago I made a list of hobbies that I loved, in an attempt to stop being what I call a dabbler – a person who dabbles in many things, but never dedicates significant time in anything to be enjoyable or become a practiced skill.  I then took those items and relisted them by priority – what makes me happiest.

My top hobbies and goals:

  1. Journaling
  2. Literature
  3. Advancing my knowledge of French
  4. Travel

What fell to the bottom:

  • Beauty – while I like makeup, it’s not the most important. I don’t want it to be the focus of my life.
  • Shopping – I still enjoy it, but I don’t want to purchase for the sake of reviewing or to be part of a popular group. I have no desire to keep up with the Joneses.

With that, it’s really inspired me to start a series of posts called, The Little Things or TLT.  It’s similar to the idea of monthly favorites.  But instead of grouping a lot of items together to feature, I narrow it down to two things I love each month.  I hope to use this as an opportunity to really enjoy what’s around me, whether it’s rediscovering an old favorite or slowly curating items for this new phase in my life.  It’s focusing on the everyday.

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