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I’m so Asian when it comes to Stationery…

I don’t claim a lot to my Chinese heritage.  I don’t cook the dishes, (I know a few, but my husband laments that the only way he can get Chinese food is going to a restaurant!), I speak it only to my parents, since local Cantonese-speaking folks are a rare thing in these WI parts, and I don’t subscribe to many of the holidays (I do it for the food.)  BUT, when it comes to my stationery, I can be so Asian.

It all stemmed from childhood trips to visit cousins, who knew the best places to seek them out.  They do the best stationery there, especially with its close proximity to Japan, I can’t even begin to tell you the beautiful sight of a Muji store.

Now that I’m well invested in my Midori, I’ve decided to really seek out the stationery bits that make me happy, for let’s face it, the crafts stores here in the U.S. have got nothing on the cuteness of Sumikko Gurashi and Midori travel themed stickers.

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