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AromaLeigh Cosmetics Ephemera Box Review

If you’re into natural makeup, chances are you’ve heard of AromaLeigh Cosmetics, an indie company that takes inspiration from literature, mythology and history to create natural, vegan mineral makeup.

Lo and behold, they announced a subscription box called Ephemera, at a cost of $17.99 a month, each to feature AromaLeigh’s own quality products, as well as featuring partnerships with other natural indie companies. Limited slots were open – good news is I got in. Here’s what I got.

AromaLeigh 5

AromaLeigh 6

AromaLeigh 7

One indie company featured item is the Ten Three Labs perfume sample. Fruity and musky in scent, not exactly my thing. The second is a red lip pot created by Dreamworld Hermetica, with a huge metallic shimmer factor. It’s sheer, buildable, and quite tacky, so it’ll stick to the lips.

AromaLeigh 1

AromaLeigh 2

The heart of this box’s theme is The White Witch, inspired by C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The whimsy of this theme made me more inclined to like it. A shimmering deep pink rouge pot Enchanted Turkish Delight is not as pigmented as I thought, thankfully. Still quite bright for a pink, so I’ll tread lightly.

AromaLeigh 3

AromaLeigh 4

The eye pigments were what sold me on this box. Pale As Icing Sugar can be used for highlighting the cheek or eyes – it’s a taupey grey that sheers out so beautifully. The White Witch is ice blue that pops and the cool steel grey of 100 Years of Winter rounds out a perfect go-to trio for an easy eye look.


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