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Restocking from iHerb

I place another order – I think I’ll be doing so every month and a half or so. As one of my new favorite places to shop for my everyday needs, I thought I’d do a blog post instead of a video, since many of the items will be repeats to replace things used up.

I got another bottle of my favorite Natrol Time Release Melatonin 5mg. I decided to try a different brand of primrose oil, since my last bottle was from Vitacost. This bottle by Solgar was bagged in bubble wrap, nicely snug, and comes in a larger amount of 500mg. I take this everyday to help me feel more balanced (research says this really helps with hormones or hormones effecting that time of month) and since taking primrose oil, I feel much calmer, less prone to mood swings and way more in tune with my body.*

iHerb 1

I decided to get a spare mini crystal stone deodorant, because I realized if I lost my current one, I wouldn’t have a spare. The stores in my area don’t carry the travel size and I find the full sized ones to be too bulky and heavy, if I want to pack it for a trip.

I do think with every order, I’ll add on an Everyman Jack’s deodorant for my husband. Men go through deodorant so quickly.

Finally, I couldn’t resist browsing the trials section and got the Nu-Pore pore strips for 50 cents! As usual, iHerb threw in something extra – I got two measuring tapes, which I will definitely use and throw into my craft kits.


*Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before taking supplements; everybody’s body works differently and for me, taking Primrose oil helps.

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