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Silk Naturals Haul

It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased some fun beauty bits to play with.  My main purpose of this order was a new oil controlling powder, since The All Natural Face’s powder just wasn’t cutting it.  I also needed a new concealer and decided to pick up a few other items to amp up the order, because, why not?

SN 1

SN 2

SN 3

SN 5

SN 6

SN 7

Frenzy Slick Stick pictured below.

SN 8

SN 9

SN 10

Comparing my two favorite nude lipsticks, Clinique Tender-Heart and Nars Dolce Vita to Silk Naturals Bobbi Slick Stick.

SN 11

Not exactly close to Tender-Heart, but it’s more in line with Dolce Vita.  What do you say?  Should I say “good enough” or continue searching for a closer dupe?  I love the Slick Stick formulas and either way, I love the Bobbi shade.

SN 12

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