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Rose Salve

Going green in way of beauty products meant giving up a lot of trusted favorites and happily tossing those that were merely acceptable until a new item came along.  While I’m so happy I don’t run into the latter situation as often anymore, sometimes it’s just a little too hard to give up what works.

Rose 1

For me, that Holy Grail item is C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve.  If you’ve watched my youtube videos or read previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned it numerous times.  I always go back to this miracle tin.  It protects my lips like no other against the harsh, dry Wisconsin winters.  It cures chapped lips, dry skin, even a flaky nose after one too many tissue encounters.  The formula is smooth, luxuriously softening and absolutely made for putting on at night to wake up to a supple pout.  The smell is subtly rosy and one tin will last me for ages.  And as far as I know, the company itself is cruelty-free.


The problem is, the ingredients, though there are only a few, are slightly questionable.  Mainly, for me it’s the dye that goes into it to give it the rosy tint.  I’ve taken to a general suspicion if an ingredient (especially unpronounceable) is followed by a number, it’s most likely not good for me.  But this product is so wonderful!  For every reason I’ve stated above and the fact that it’s a multi-purpose salve, I don’t think I can give this up.  I went through a lot of lip cure-alls to get to this pretty tin and it’s one of the few lip products I have gone back to repeatedly.

It’s probably not the most natural, but it’s darn close compared to others.  I recently went back to Bath and Body Works and stocked up on them, as they were buy two get one free.  I’m set for a while.  Every time I open a new tin, I get a little giddy.  I suppose it’s the little things, but this works in a big way.

Dior 2

Speaking of rose salves, I’d purchased Dior’s Creme de Rose lip balm back in January, right before I really switched to natural.  I decided to crack it open a few months ago – and what a disappointment it was!  The smell was so artificially rose and the taste – it had that artificial fruity rose/cherry flavor that lingered on the lips.  I hated the two times I tried it on.  I do not like fake flavors on my lips, the scent was unpleasant and the packaging was a little disappointing.  This is reputed to be a beauty favorite, but it just wasn’t for me.  Thankfully, Sephora has a great return/store credit policy and I ended up getting store credit.

Rosebud 1

Rosebud 2

Just recently, I was back in Sephora to get a Jack Black eye cream for my husband and decided to pick up the Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  Like the C.O. Bigelow salve, it’s housed in a decorative tin, from a formula dating back to the early 1890s.  It’s got a much lighter rosy scent, though I can’t quite pinpoint the nuances of this scent, since it’s a “trade secret perfume mix”.  The consistency of the salve itself has a gel-like softness to it, making it buttery, lightweight but moisturizing on the lips and happily, cruelty-free.

Will it completely replace my beloved C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve?  Probably not, but it was worthy of it’s $6 price tag and seems to be a great formula.

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