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Old World Wisconsin

I got to enjoy a beautiful day at Old World Wisconsin, ringing in the beginning of July. For those unfamiliar with the place, it’s a series of farmhouses dating back to the 1800s that are spread out on acres of land, running today to show modern folk how life was back in the day.DSC_2281I love coming to this outdoor museum.  As a lover of history, of all things rustically simple and old timey, this is heaven to me.  And since this is my last year living in Wisconsin, , the beauty of Old World really makes me appreciate the farmland country we have out here in the Midwest.DSC_2282DSC_2285DSC_2286DSC_2287The calf below was born just two hours prior to this photo!DSC_2289DSC_2290DSC_2291I love the woven fence detail.DSC_2294

DSC_2300Inside one of the old farmhouses.DSC_2301


DSC_2304A view of the desks inside the one-room schoolhouse.DSC_2305

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