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100% Pure

Over a month ago, I got an email from 100% Pure about their current deals. Normally I just glance at it and don’t buy anything, since I’ve been pretty good about staying on budget and sticking to buying things I need. Well, this particular email got me so excited, I had to place an order. To start, this company features fruit-pigmented anti-oxidant focused makeup, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free – so no toxins, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances and chemical preservatives. The products are considered more high-end, so I definitely recommend doing your research – blog photo swatches, video reviews – before buying, especially for the makeup.

Pure 1

They were advertising a free six-piece makeup bag ($100 value) with any $35 purchase – I just had to! (It’s the occasional deal like this that I refuse to say I’m ever on a no-buy) I decided to get the Coffee Bean caffeinated eye cream, since that has been on my wish list for a year now and added three bars of their Lavender Butter bar soap. I stuck with a practical order, since I knew I was getting makeup in the gift with purchase.

Pure 2

Pure 4

The package finally came the other day and what a thrill. I think one of the best things about going natural is the packaging these items come in. It makes the experience that much better. The three bars of soap are prettily packaged in the company’s pink logo paper. They were almost too pretty to open, but I managed to get over it and ripped open the paper to add a bar to my shower. Though it’s a great bar of soap, I think I still prefer the handmade bars from my favorite local indie shops. I didn’t like that the 100% Pure bars were packaged in paper and plastic. I like that my favorite companies try to reduce the packaging by not individually wrapping their bars and the unevenness of their bars makes it so cozily homemade feeling. But the 100% Pure bars lather well and are a hefty size for the price.

Pure 8I received three samples – the eye cream, Kelp and Mint shampoo and Yuzu and Pomelo shampoo. Now onto the best part – the free gift! I got a small pouch with the company’s logo printed on it. I love pouches, so I’m sure I will find a use for it soon. Inside, I got the illuminating primer, 1oz, so I’m quite impressed such a large size came in the free gift. There was an illuminating highlight pressed powder, which is so sheer and natural that I’m pretty sure I will be buying the full size of. It comes off as a very sheer, peach-pink on my skin. It’s not overwhelmingly shimmery, just offering a slight glow-from-within look.

Pure 7

There was also a mini fruit-pigmented mascara that smells like blackberries. Normally, fruit smells bother me, but the scent is so natural that I don’t mind. The real test will be whether this will smudge. I need a waterproof formula, so this mascara has a lot to live up to!

Pure 6

Pure 9

100% Pure Swatches 2

There was a Lip Creme Stick in Perfect Naked Pink. A very nice dusky pink shade for everyday. My favorite is the Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry. I applied it to my lips at about 7:20am and it stayed on after two cups of tea, constantly licking my lips and lunch, until 2pm. Wow! It’s quite pigmented when you put it on and it’s appropriately named, as it comes off as a bright cherry juice shade. As the day went on, it turned into a wonderfully naturally rosy flush on my lips. I am in love with this product already and I haven’t even tried it on my cheeks. It might be tricky, since it dried so quickly upon application, so you would have to blend it out immediately to avoid patchiness or streaks. The stain does have an odd taste, but knowing that it’s natural and fruit-pigmented, I’m not too worried.

100% Pure Swatches

(Above, you can see the up close swatches.  The two middle shades are the Cherry Lip and Cheek stain, in one layer and the second built up with several applications.  Below, you can see that it’s stayed on even after I washed with soap and water.)

100% Pure Swatches 3

I’m so excited to play with these products, since this gives me a chance to try out some of their makeup without fully investing just yet. I love that this is a company committed to quality, safe, and cruelty-free products and that they have a wide color range in their makeup. This is also a company that encompass the entire body – makeup, body care, hair care, even babies and kids, which a lot of natural companies don’t usually do. 100% Pure definitely lives up to its rave reviews and I look forward to trying more of their items in the future.

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