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QiqiNaturals Haul & Review

I am so excited to finally be able to review these products. I came across the brand on Instagram and started following the creator of these beautiful products – Ki Ki Tong-Brown quite recently and found myself unable to resist adding a few items to my cart.

Qiqi 1As an overview, Ki Ki makes the products in small batches and does recommend on her Etsy page to use within 6-12 months to ensure freshness and quality. All her products are produced using organic ingredients, vegan locally sourced or fair trade and not tested on animals.   And I love that she uses mostly tin and glass packaging Qiqi 3The very first item I added to my cart was the cleansing balm. I’ve always wanted to a facial balm and this one has wonderful ingredients – mango butter, geranium essential oil, camellia oil to name a few. It comes in a lovely 2oz tin, which I absolutely love. I think the packaging is so chic and it’s something I can reuse in the future. All I need is a pea sized amount to massage onto my face, with a warm washcloth to wipe it away.   My skin feel so clean and refreshed, it just feels absolutely luxurious. The formula is very smooth and it smells very herbal which I’m a huge fan of.  My skin clogs easily, but this makes in feel so utterly cleansed without drying it out.

I got the spot treatment to replace my newly used up Desert Essence tea tree oil rollerball and wow – I am so impressed with this product. I had a few acne spots that were still showing red, so I put this on overnight and the next morning, the redness has greatly reduced. I am just so happy with this product. My Desert Essence spot treatment didn’t even reduce redness for me.

QiQi Coral

The  Coral lipstick is a wow-color.  It’s pigmented and a pop of coral red for the lip to brighten up a summer look.  The formula smells like minty hot chocolate and applies so smoothly to the lip. (Above, the left swatch is one light swipe and the right swatch is two layers of the lipstick)

I received three samples with my order, among them the rose cream which I had requested.  Ki Ki responded promptly after I placed my order asking if there were some products I wanted to try, and this rose cream was definitely one I was interested in.  I was looking for something to help seal in the moisture for daytime, as I use pure oils for moisturizing my skin, which sometimes can get too oily for summer.  This cream smells like a fresh bouquet of roses, so it’s not overwhelming and the blend is smooth, lightweight and feels heavenly on the skin.  I feel like my skin is nourished.

Qiqi 4I asked her what she would recommend for hyper-pigmentation left from acne scarring and she suggested trying out the Skin Brightening Face Oil.  Wonderfully herbal scented and lightweight on the skin.

And finally, she sent me a sample of the Skin Brightening Face Mask.

I am so excited and thrilled with discovering this shop and the quality of her products.  I love supporting small businesses, especially small beauty business that take such great care in their products.  Customer service was personable and prompt and delivery was fast.  I couldn’t be happier.

Please check out her shop here.

Also, I’ve posted a video review, so take a gander!


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