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DIY Hand Sanitizer

We live in a dirty world. Not only from pollution, but even products that are marketed to clean your body or keep it bacteria-free are filled with chemicals that are harmful to us.

I was once sitting at a local café lunching with my husband, when I realized there were small bottles on each of the tables. Upon a closer look, I realized it was locally handmade hand sanitizer. The ingredients were so simple, that I felt inspired to make my own. After some research, I’ve realized that many of the recipes all contain ingredients that most of us have at home already.

San 1

Here’s my version.

What you will need:

–       Aloe vera gel – preferably with no artificial dyes

–       Witch hazel

–       Tea tree oil

–       Vitamin E oil

–       Your choice of essential oil.

–       A small 2 oz. bottle

–       Measuring spoons

–       Dropper, for essential oils – if needed

San 2

Fill the 2 oz. bottle a little less than ¾ full with aloe vera gel. (I just happened have this Up and Up brand aloe gel from Target, leftover from a friend. Preferably, you’d want a gel that contains no articial dyes, which this does have, hence the bright green color) The aloe will make this a soothing, non-drying formula.

San 3

Add about 2 Tbsp to 2-1/2 Tbsp of witch hazel to that mixture and a dash of vitamin E oil (also soothing for the skin), cap the bottle and shake. You can add more witch hazel to desired consistency. Witch hazel contains tannins, which is naturally anti-bacterial.

San 4

To that mixture, add about 5-7 drops of tea tree oil, which is also naturally anti-bacterial. And to make it smell nice, add 3-6 drops of your favorite essential oil. I chose lemongrass for the fresh scent.

San 6

San 5

And there you have it – your own hand sanitizer, free of the extra nasty stuff and so easy to make, especially now that you have the ingredients to make multiple bottles in the future.

Happy creating!


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