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Simple Abundance

After years of promising to stick with a new years resolution list, I decided that with the many gradual changes I was making for the past year, to make 2014 the year to turn my life around even more.

I’ve made diet changes, incorporating more healthy items, eliminating processed and fast foods, and even going so far as to eliminating my dependency on caffeine. I’ve slowly moved into all natural beauty and makeup and using up the few toxic items I have in way of cleaning supplies and household items. What really inspired me to make 2014 the year for focusing on health, body and love, was after hearing Jennifer Ross (Youtube’s MyHouseWifeLife and OrganizedLikeJen) talk about Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy on her vlogs.

With the motivational books I’ve been reading lately, simplifying seemed like the perfect way to go about changing my life into a less-stressed, less-cluttered, happier, healthier one. Sarah Ban Breathnach takes us through the year, with an inspiring passage each day. Each focuses on a simple step to improving our lives, whether it’s enjoying the simple pleasures to learning to accept who we are. One particular step is starting a gratitude journal. Since starting this daily project, I have found that I can find happiness in the smallest things I normally take for granted. Sure, I’ve listed these things at random in my own personal journal, but having them simply listed, day after day in a dedicated journal, I can track a pattern of what makes me happy. It’s not necessarily the quick thrill of a purchase that makes me happy, but moments or gestures. Seeing those results, I’m able to detach myself from this shopping addiction I have. It’s liberating. I’ll get into more detail in future posts.

Simple Abundance

I feature this particular title because it’s not heavy literature at all, it’s a quick, enlightening passage to read every morning. After coming from so many years of retail, and anyone who’s worked in retail can attest, one can become so jaded and bitter with people and their behavior. Retail was followed by a job that was so stressful, I couldn’t sleep, and that we all know can really wreak havoc on our bodies.  Needless to say, I needed change, inspiration and motivation. Simple Abundance really helped put things into perspective.

I even recommend choosing a journal that speaks to you or makes it more appealing to want to write in.  I chose a Moleskine limited edition The Hobbit hardcover journal with a ribbon bookmark and elastic band to keep it closed.  I also dedicated a pen for this, Pigma Micron 0.45mm in navy.  This way I always know that this journal and pen are for dedicated to the Simple Abundance journey.

I highly recommend this book and starting the gratitude journal. Writing down five or more things of what I’m grateful for each evening really makes me realize how lucky I am to be as healthy as I am, to have my family around me, to have a loving husband and people I can talk to. I start to remember the little things throughout my day that makes me smile or happy, and it makes me present and in the moment.

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