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May Favorites

I have recently converted to oil pulling or the oil cleansing method. And my acne-prone skin is really seeing the difference. I am seeing less breakouts and less clogging in my pores in way of whiteheads. I use Josie Maran’s Argan Cleansing Oil and massage it into my skin, dampen my clean washcloth with hot water, and use it to drape over my face for a moment, letting it steam my skin. After a moment, I dampen it again with hot water, this time gently wiping away the oil. It doesn’t dry out my skin, I’m using less water, and my skin feels so clean afterward.


Avocado oil is my new favorite skincare oil. I cannot – nor can my skin – get enough of it. Three drops (I use the Aura Cacia brand, which I decant into dark dropper bottles, so I can control the amount I use each time) is more than enough for my face and another two for my neck and décolletage. There’s no scent, it’s extremely moisturizing for dry skin or combination, if you tend to get oily as the day goes by. My skin feels so pampered after every application.


My C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve is a can’t-live-without item. While I love my Dr. Bronner’s Naked lip balm for every day, on-the-go, this rose salve is what I reach for morning and night, and every moment in between. I keep them bedside, vanity, at my desk, and in my market basket for toting around the house. My lips feel so soft and supple with this on and the hint of rose isn’t overwhelmingly old fashioned. One tin will last a long time. In a pinch, this is great of dry patches, elbows, knees, anywhere.


Another lip product I’ve been using a lot lately is pairing MAC’s See Sheer lipstick and Josie Maran’s lip gloss. I’m not crazy about the lipgloss on its own, actually, it tastes like plastic and smells like it too, one of the disappointing Josie Maran products, so far. But I dab it over the MAC lipstick to add a bit of shine and seal in the color. Both complement each other well. The lipstick itself was my first and will be my only MAC product. After I got it, the hype wore off and I’m not impressed with the brand. It’s toxic, I don’t like the lipstick scent, I’m not impressed with the lipstick formula, so the hype is lost on me. I am determined to use it up, since I didn’t pay for it. I am impressed with the pigmentation, which is very nice.

Mineral Fusion has been a great discovery in the past couple months. I love their nail polish formulas, non-streaky and they come in lovely shades. The design of the bottle makes them look so chic and high end, but they are extremely affordable. Whole Foods and Ulta carries them. What really impressed me was their tinted chubby sticks. They look similar to the Tarte LipSurgence lip tints and the colors are very wearable, classic and great for both everyday or date nights. I got a standard rosy shade and a dusky berry rose (Flicker is shown above) for daytime. The formula is incredibly smooth, moisturizing and pigmentation is wonderful. Swipe once for a sheer look or build up for a bold lip.


My Pillow Potion spray is steadily part of my nightly routine. This is a wonderfully soothing combination of…and I feel instantly relaxed when I use it before bed. The best part is you can reuse the metal spray bottle and it gives you directions to dilute the essential oil blend with water to refill it. I love that it’s eco-conscious in that simple step.


I was recently browsing JoAnn’s and found all storage on sale. I left the store with four small compartmentalized containers one typically uses for storing bits and bobs and beads. The small, individual compartments are great for all my all natural blush samples. They all come in little baggies, which makes it difficult to use my blush brush with and this way, I’m not wasting product trying to access the product. It’s now a customized palette, easy to access and as I use up product, I can refill them with other samples I may receive. (The long boxes are by Craft Mates Lockables and the wheels are by Creative Options.)



My FEED Function tote is my latest handbag obsession. Ever since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been using it every weekend. It’s large enough for all my essentials, as well as providing enough room for extras – a book, magazine, etc. The simplicity of the materials – canvas, burlap and even the brass hardware makes it so chic and I love supporting this FEED project.


My market tote is my new favorite organizational item. I’m one of those people who is constantly taking things up and down the stairs – journals, books, laptop, etc. I got this idea from OrganizedLikeJen’s Jennifer Ross (who also hosts the channel MyHousewifeLife), where she uses it as a portable mini kitchen office. Mine is the same idea, with things I access on a daily basis, so if I decide to work in my craft room instead of my desk nook, I can easily pick up the tote and transfer everything safely. I love this idea, since it’s something I can easily tuck away when I need to.


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