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Bedside Essentials

As much as I want to keep my bedroom clear of clutter, I’ve developed a nighttime routine that involves giving my hands and feet a good pampering before sleep.  In doing that, I have accumulated a few things to keep nearby.

Bedside 2

While I wind down from the day, it’s also my time to catch up on reading and prep for the next day with making lists or ideas for projects, so a few of those bits will make an appearance.

Bedside 1

Bedside 6To corral everything, I just reuse a Warby Parker box my glasses came in.  In this “tray”, I put my immediately used items:

– Penguin notepad – I recently added this to give my bedside area a bit of a festive touch.

– Pen – this one is a Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball in Extra Fine

– 100% Shea Butter – I use this for my hands every night and sometimes my feet.

– Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy – this is for when my lips need extra care.  Winters in WI are really dry and this really helps heal cracked or dry lips.

– Badger Night-Night Balm with Lavender and Chamomile– I apply this when I really want to ensure a good night’s sleep.

– Cloth for cleaning my glasses.  At night, I take my contacts out to give my eyes a break and wear glasses.

– Hair ties – when I wake up, I instantly put my hair up.

– ZzzQuil tablets – I have trouble sleeping…

– Julep Maven Essential Cuticle Oil

– Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Organic Naked Lip Balm

Bedside 7

Bedside 4In an old stationery box, I store not so oft-used items:

– A couple pairs of socks – I get cold all the time and sometimes wear socks to bed!

– Earbuds – in case I’m watching something on my phone and my husband is sleeping.

– Solution for cleaning glasses.

– Flashlight.  Just in case.

– More hairties.

– Pads of sticky notes

– Old gift cards, hotel key cards, and random saved pieces of paper I use for bookmarks.

– Nail file.

– Pens and a mechanical pencil, in case I’m doing crosswords or word searches

– An envelope with some dried greenery – it was part of a Chinese wedding tradition. I like to keep this nearby as a keepsake.

Bedside 5

Bedside 3– I also like to keep a Chinese goddess statue for luck next to my bedside beauty box.  And usually there are two or three books stacked up nearby, too.






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