Oh, the Pretty Labels!

For those of you who are hooked on stationery as much as I am, you will understand that when you come across cute things, you can’t refuse.

Nov13 Haul1Recently, I’ve been seeing some great bits for everyday use and for the upcoming holidays.  Clearance bins at crafts stores are great places to dig, if you’ve got the patience.  I picked up a couple packs of fun “Bingo” cards for sending out to friends, for 25 cents each!  Great deal!

Nov13 Haul2At Half Price Books, I found mini grid paper notepads, which are unique and the perfect size for keeping in my purse or sending in a pen pal package.  And World Market, which always carries fun stationery things, carries seal wax.  I picked up green, a nice change from my usual red wax.

Nov13 Haul3Some of my favorite recent finds are these labels by Galison.  I found the French themed ones at Franchesca’s and had to get two.  Pretty labels for gifts or letters – I plan on using the larger labels for writing addresses on.

Nov13 Haul4

Nov13 Haul5Then a few days later, my local Broadway Paper had a 20% off debuting their new holiday items, and I found Galison’s holiday labels.  How adorable are they?  I’m a sucker for woodland animal themed things – it’s one of my favorite things in the world – so these were a must-buy.  I love supporting local businesses.

Nov13 Haul6And it’s no secret Target’s See Spot $1 section has become a favorite for planner addicts, Filofax-ers and stationery-obsessed alike.  Great value, sometimes chicly designed tabs, sticky notes, notebooks and file folders can be stocked up on at so little a cost.  I finally managed to find some of the pretty things I’ve seen posted on Instagram: pretty tabs, sticky notes and some robin’s egg blue paper clips.  Target, you got me again!

Nov13 Haul7I think I’m a big proponent of shopping in person for stationery.  I’m a tactile person, I like to physically see the items I’m buying, feel the weight and texture of the paper and get the instant gratification of buying on the spot.  This way I can support my local business and get that person-to-person interaction.

Stay tuned for more stationery posts, as I’ll soon be visiting a newly opened stationery store in my area!

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