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September 2013 Favorites

I’ve got beauty and non-beauty favorites for September.

Sept13 FavePerfume is great beauty item to help transition from summer to autumn and I’ve revisited Calvin Klein’s Beauty perfume.  Pictured is the small travel bottle I got when I purchased the larger bottle and I keep this one in my purse to refresh the scent while I’m on the go.

Makeup-wise, I’ve finally found an inexpensive version of an eye makeup remover that can actually gently take off my waterproof mascara.  While I love Lancome’s eye makeup remover, sometimes I can’t get to Sephora to replenish.  Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover is one you shake up and apply to your eyes, and sure enough, everything comes off.  I love this item.  St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask is something I put on once a week to help clear my skin and exfoliate.  It’s thick, so a thin layer is all you need.

Sept13 Fave2Lately, I’ve been pairing Alicia Silverstone’s (partnered with Juice Beauty) Purely Kissable Lip Color.  It’s got great ingredients like passionfruit, acai, and goji berries, making this not only good for you, but a great pink base for your lips.  I layer Juice Beauty’s Pink lipgloss on top for a bit of berry depth and shine.

Sept13 Fave6

Sept13 Fave3For non-beauty favorites, I’ve taken up knitting again, as I do every year at this time.  I just finished a gray scarf to go with my black winter coat, but needed a nice fall color and settled on a mustard yellow wool.  Once I’m satisfied with the length, I intend to sew the ends together and make it into an eternity scarf.

Sept13 Fave 4FEED is a program I have been supporting and inspired by since the beginning, ever since Lauren Bush founded it with the creation of the first FEED bag in the mid 2000s.  Profits go to feeding children all over the world.  Naturally, when it appeared on store shelves in Target, I jumped at the chance to stock up.  My husband surprised me with the FEED tote and two sets of reusable sandwich/snack bags, but I decided to also get two of the planners (one pictured) and the notebook.  I’m a stationary fanatic, so these are perfect items to add to my desk.

Sept13 Fave5I’ve been taking time to write down reflections and daily happenings in my journal.  For a long time, I got too busy and would catch up maybe once a month.  Now, I’m making more of an effort to do it daily – it’s therapeutic, for me it helps with decreasing stress and I can write down wonderful memories while they’re fresh in my mind.  A good pen is a must – I’m currently using Uni-ball’s Vision Elite.

Zero Waste HomeAnd finally, my most recent read is Zero Waste Home, by Bea Johnson.  It’s a great book on how to reduce your intake of waste and therefore, creating less waste.  I’ll have a more in-depth review on this book.  It’ll be part of my series, Books That Changed My Life.

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