My Version of Smashbooks

I think when an idea makes its public appearance, we all think the same think – I thought of that first! I was doing that before it was even popular!

For those of the creatively crafty mind, Smashbooks was one of them.  The fun of it is it doesn’t contain all the rigidity of classic scrapbooking.  No need to think of what aesthetically works on the page, not necessary to color coordinate and the best part, absolutely no need think – you just do it.  Smashbooks are chaotic; if it works, it works.  You can jot down notes, memories and descriptions.  Cram ticket stubs and washi tape down photos and brochures.

My Smash 1

Like many others, I had my own version of a Smashbook before it officially became a smashing sort.  For my own, I actually reused daily planners I used in high school.  The London and Paris planners had such pretty pictures and I just couldn’t throw them away.  With the plastic cover and backing, and sturdy pages, it made for a perfect base for smashing.

My Smash 2

I tore out one of the pages to use as a template.  It was a bit tedious, but I then used the template to cut out same sized pages to glue onto the existing pages, adding color and design with patterned scrapbook paper, old wrapping paper, old calendar pages, pretty shopping bags and other bits to decorate.  And then I filled the pages with photos that didn’t really belong anywhere, old school notes, and memories from my trips to Hong Kong and China.

My Smash 3

My Smash 4

My Smash 5

My Smash 6

I love finding pretty photos and things that inspire me in magazines, cutting them out and collaging them into my pages.  When I look back, I can see what my pattern of inspiration is and where it leads.  Sometimes they turn into storyboards.

My Smash 7

My Smash 8

My Smash 9

Here, I used a pretty wrapper to some triple milled soap I got at World Market years ago.

My Smash 10

My Smash 11

The image above is one of my favorites, from an old calendar I had.

My Smash 12

Just thought I’d throw it out there, some ideas I had for reusing paper items around the house and creating something unique.  Anyone else have their own version of Smashbooks?  What sort of materials do you like to use?


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