At-Home Workout Setup

I hate working out.  There, I said it.  I hate the burn, I hate the sweat, and though I do like the post-workout high, I hate the soreness.  Anyone else with me on this?

My big issue is staying motivated while I exercise, but this time around, I’m really trying to stay positive and keep doing it.  This year, since I’ve transitioned so easily to using more natural skincare, eating less meat, and using all natural household cleaning products, getting fit seemed like the next obvious step toward a healthier lifestyle.  So, I keep that in mind every time I do the dreaded crunches.

Last weekend, I went to TJ Maxx to get some workout clothes – because when did shopping for an appropriate wardrobe NOT motivate you?  I found some colorful tops and shorts, as well as another sports bra – the colors will help me get excited.  TJ Maxx is a great place to find inexpensive workout gear.

Workout 4

I like some noise when I work out, so I’ve set up a yoga mat in my living room since the TV is there.  I like to have HGTV, Food Network or TCM on.  My yoga mat, yoga block, an exercise ball and a stretch band is everything I need for a session.  And the best part is it’s easy to setup and put away.  I’m starting slow, and concentrating on different areas of the body.  My main concerns are trying to strengthen my core, work out the calves and build up upper body strength.

Workout 2

What I find really helpful is creating a binder with all the workout ideas and routines I see in magazines.  I ripped them out, slipped them into clear page protectors and organized them by category.  When I want some variety, I look to the binder for inspiration.  And since I’ve subscribed to Women’s Health magazine, I hope to use that as more inspiration and a guide to getting more fit.  I’ll also slip in ideas for fun health facts, maybe healthy recipes and recommendations on workout gear and products.

Workout 3

Something to look forward to is my post-workout meal, which is half cup of muesli mixed with almond milk, honey Greek yogurt, and fresh berries.  It’s so good and filling.

Workout 1

I’m hoping this post is something that will motivate me.  Announcing it seems like I now have more of an obligation to remain true to the goal…Funny enough, I was writing this post when I should have been working out.

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