My Lazy Day Makeup

I’ve been home a lot lately – call it my temporary stay-at-home-wife phase.  While most of the time I don’t have to leave the house, I don’t want to look like I’ve stayed in sweats all day, with no makeup.  It’s a very 1950s idea of always looking your best, even if you’re going to pick up a loaf of bread.  And, I rather like to live by that idea.  There’s something quite motivating once you’ve put an actual outfit on and dab on a bit of makeup, even if I’ll just be blogging at my desk.

So I’ve recently discovered beauty-wise, my lazy day makeup go-tos are mascara and lipstick.  I’ll sometimes do a light coverage of foundation, but when I know I’m not leaving the house, I let my skin breathe.

Lazy 1

A swipe of mascara really opens the eyes and adds a bit if drama, depending on how much you layer it.  My favorites are Cover Girls Lash Blast Clump Crusher for a natural look and Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash for high drama.  I love this one especially if I pair it up with a red lip, if I’m channeling a 1940s housewife look I do love so much.

Lazy 3

Lazy 2

I’ve always been a lipstick girl.  I went through a brief phase of lipgloss in high school (who didn’t?), but I find that when I want a polished, lady-like look, lipstick is always the best.  My natural shade is Clinique’s Tender-Heart.  Because my lips are two-toned, this sheer peachy muted dusky rose brings uniformity to my lips, which I love.  My absolute favorite lipstick go-to.  Too Faced has wonderfully moisturizing lipsticks and I love this rich berry color in Bumbleberry.  At first, I picked it up for the name (My husband has a penchant for a locally made berry preserve called Bumbleberry) and thank goodness it was a shade I liked.    This is a great color for fall, which I can’t believe it coming soon!  And finally, I’m obsessed with Rimmel’s new Moisture Renew lipsticks – my current favorite red is Red Alert.  It’s a bright poppy red with what looks like a purple base.  Love this paired with the Bad Gal Lash for that retro look.

These are my current favorites I’ve been reaching for a lot lately.  In the end, these are also my favorite pick-me-ups (and possibly some of the most enjoyable to shop for!)

Thanks for reading – Happy Tuesday!

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