Repurposing A Train Case

While helping my mom clean out her basement, we came across memories and junk.  Amongst the chaos, I did come away with some fine gems – one being my grandmother’s train case.  Since my grandmother doesn’t want it, it came home with me.  I already have a vintage Samsonite train case I use for travel, but I was reluctant to let this go.  There’s something so classy about carrying one of these cases, all your items safely tucked away inside and I wanted to hold onto that old-timey era.  So, I thought about how I could reuse it.

Sew 2

Then it came to me – why not use it as my sewing case?  There’s a plastic tray that sit on top that is perfect for dividing little tools and accessories.

Sew 3

Pins and measuring tape fit neatly inside the tray.  I reused a pretty soap tin for bobbins and sewing machine components.

Underneath the tray, I store reused old 1960s industrial button boxes to hold my buttons.  Also, below the tray are my scissors, thread and reused skincare glass jars for button snaps, etc.

Sew 4

Inside the Chinese Moon Cake tin, I store smaller spools of thread.

Sew 5

Sew 6

I’m quite happy that I decided to reuse this train case in an unconventional way.  It makes it a fun way to store things and it’s large enough that I can keep everything in one place if I continue to add to it.  Best of all, it looks very pretty and chic on my bookshelf.

Sew 1

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