Empties No. 1

I love Empties blog posts and videos.  I love the satisfaction of using up products I have (which indicates I’m more using than collecting beauty items) and so, I plan on making this a series of posts.  You can check out a couple of my Empties youtube videos here, http://www.youtube.com/theempiredays.

My Empties basket this month has been filled to the brim with things and I’m happy to finally post my first official Empties article, so I can get these to recycling and the trash!

Emp 2

Bumble and Bumble’s Brilliantine is one of my favorite hair products.  My hair is stick-straight and thick, but this isn’t too heavy for it.  The fresh smell reminds me of a spa.  I cut the tubes to grab the last of the product.  You’d be surprised as to how much is still left.  Crabtree & Evelyn’s Hand Therapy is one of my favorite hand creams.  I keep them every where – in my purse, my bedside, my desk and vanity.  Pictured here are Rosewater and Nantucket.  Clinique’s 7 Day Scrub Cream and Moisture Surge are luxe sizes, which I love, because they travel well and there is more than enough to last at least a couple months.  Such sizes are great to use and actually know if the product works.  Both of these I’ve used before and are favorites.

Emp 3

Acure’s Lemongrass & Argan Stem Cell conditioner is a new discovery and I quite enjoyed using it.  There’s no buildup and it smells fresh and citrusy.  This is an all natural product I will be repurchasing.  Anantara Spa’s Perfect Calm Balancing Foaming Cleanser smells like oranges, which was quite pleasant.  Though, I felt this facial cleanser was too gentle and I didn’t feel like it was deep cleaning my skin.  C.O. Bigelow’s Dr. Galen Herbal Skin Tonic is my favorite toner for smoothing on my skin to pick up anything my cleanser missed (it’s even got my husband’s approval!)  It smells herbal and it really cleans the skin.  I buy this 4-5 at a time when I order from this apothecary.  Gillette Satin Care Sensitive shave gel is one I’ve used before.  Smells like Clinique Happy, to me.  Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover All Bright with Brightening Hibiscus was absolutely gentle and took off waterproof makeup, albeit it took awhile to do so.

Emp 4

BWC or Beauty Without Cruelty was a luxe sample I got in my last All Natural Beauty Box subscription box.  A great lotion, but I wasn’t too crazy about the smell.  It didn’t smell pretty or attractive, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it smelled like…Delizioso’s Watermelon & CoQ10 100% Natural Facial Polish is a brand under the All Natural Beauty Box company.  I actually enjoyed this sample, it looks small but this lasted me quite a few uses.  It was a creamy, mid-grain scrub, smelled summery and in all, really liked it.  But the price for the full size doesn’t seem worth it to me.  The odd green clump is Lush’s Squeaky Green solid shampoo bar, which I got during Christmas.  Love that it travels well, it smells good and it doesn’t cause any buildup.  The reason it’s in my Empties, is because it’s gotten to a point I can’t keep the pieces together, it only crumbles.  Lancome’s Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover is a great new favorite.  Gentle, but the oils takes off my waterproof makeup and it smells pretty.  When I am in need of a new eye makeup remover, I will be sure to get this one.  Now, my makeup empty is Revlon’s Just Bitten Balm Stain and I must have gotten the one that was dried up, but this has no color payoff.  It was literally like a dry marker on my lips, drying them out and the other end of the balm did little to moisturize.  Glad to be rid of this item.

Emp 1

The Up and Up makeup remover wipes are something I’ve purchased before.  Not sure if I will anymore.  I feel like there are other makeup removers much better that don’t need to be in cloth form.  I’ll be researching less waste inducing alternatives – recently, I’ve started to use coconut oil to do the job.  Another pack of Delon cotton pads, which I use for removing makeup, toner, etc.  Khiel’s Creamy Eye Treatment  with Avocado is my favorite eye cream.  Super moisturizing.  Since I ran out of my full size, I turned to a sample I had, which lasted me almost a week.  The Stri-Vectin-TI 360 Tightening Eye Serum may be an eye serum I’ll seek out very soon.  Loved the smooth texture and I know this sounds odd, but the slight heat it gave my eye area (or is that considered burning sensation) made it feel like it was working!  Strange, but I think it helped.  Goat Milk bar soap in Lavender was a nice; I got this one from the World Market, but I think I’ll stick to local businesses for handmade bar soap.

If you’ve made it through that end of this long post, pat yourself on the back!  It’s been a bit wordy and I will try to keep my Empties batches a little smaller, therefore, have shorter posts.  Happy Friday, everyone!

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