The Eco-Friendly Beauty Tools I Swear By

I’ve got a confession…Before upgrading my makeup brushes, I got by with the cheap ones that came in a makeup train case gift set that my parents got me years ago…For someone who didn’t know about makeup or even how to apply it correctly, they did just fine for my high school years.  During college, I managed with brushes from Target.

Until, I think, about a year and a half ago, I saw an article brief in US Weekly featuring Alicia Silverstone.  It was about her teaming up with Juice Beauty to create a small makeup and skincare selection and with EcoTools to create a couple makeup brush sets.  Alicia Silverstone!  If you’re a 90s girl, like me, you’ve quoted her in Clueless.  I love her!  At that time, I was also reading her book, The Kind Life, about her vegan journey and Eco-conscious lifestyle .  I was a big fan, fascinated with her book and now she had beauty tools and makeup!

There it was, my decision to finally upgrade my makeup brushes.  I know!  I was a late bloomer when it came to makeup and makeup education.  But this was the final push to invest in some quality brushes and I am so happy I did.


My first set by EcoTools was this one pictured below, a collaboration with Alicia.  It came with a cotton & hemp bag with recycled PET lining and a see-through pocket where the brushes can be stored.  Very practical makeup bag, perfect for travel – but let me elaborate on the brushes.  (From left to right – angled blush brush, small powder brush, small foundation/concealer brush, eye shadow brush and spooly.)  This was the set that made me fall in love with EcoTools.  Chic and simple bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and ultra soft synthetic bristles.  I have experienced no shedding and if you take care of them, I’m sure they last just as long as more expensive counter-parts.

My favorite of the Alicia Silverstone set is the small powder brush – I use it for applying a setting powder after under-eye concealer.  Since that first set, I’ve slowly acquired more brushes, eventually fully replacing my old, useless ones.

(From left to right – foundation brush, stippling brush, two concealer brushes, bronzer brush/large blush brush, angled blush brush, two powder brushes, eyebrow comb.)  I absolutely love the stippling brush for applying foundation flawlessly and the angles blush brush is perfect for building up your favorite cheek color.  The angle of it fits perfectly against the cheek curves.


The kabuki brush was a complete impulse buy, but it’s come in handy already for quick powder touch ups on the go.  I think it looks so chic with the aluminum exterior.  And what girl doesn’t need a 6-piece Essential Eye Set?  A cute compact pouch comes with it, large enough to fit your favorite eye palette and mascara in.  Perfect for weekends away and light-weight enough for longer holidays.



I can honestly say that I haven’t tried other makeup brushes.  Perhaps, in the future I may venture into testing other much-talked-about makeup tools, but for now, I’ve found what works, so why change it?  I’ve really fallen in love with EcoTools’ brushes.  Having them makes me want to put the effort in to my makeup application and I love the feeling of the soft bristles on my face.  I highly recommend checking out their website and look out for sales, which is a great way to snatch up your favorites or discover new ones.  They’re Eco-friendly, so my purchasing them is a small contribution to the world, supporting a great cause, all while possessing quality and chic makeup brushes.

5 thoughts on “The Eco-Friendly Beauty Tools I Swear By

    1. Before I finally tried them, I’d heard good things, too! If anything, I highly recommend the angled blush brush – so soft and it really fits into the cheek And they look so nice on my vanity. 🙂 Thanks for reading, joannahollyxo!

  1. I still use my ECO Tools set. They were the first brushes I ever had. Powder Brush, Liner, and a Brow Brush. Still in really good shape too!

  2. These look gorgeous! Might have to take a look into using these! Thanks for the great review

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