Motivating Stationery

I can’t help but notice pretty stationery.  Clever quips printed on notepads and inspiring journal covers or nostalgic desk art just adds a little something to your space.  Any writer at heart will appreciate these decorative yet practical pieces.  Floral covered notebooks and designer desk organizers are everywhere now, but it’s absolutely thrilling to uncover them from hidden-away independent mom & pop shops.

Stationery 1

My neighborhood favorite is Broadway Paper.  I first ventured in when I was ambitious enough to create my own wedding invitations.  There, I found all my materials – handmade paper, thick double-fold envelopes, card stock in every color imaginable, and of course, journals and notepads in seasonal designs.  Gift wrapping paper that can double as wall art hung on racks and ribbons that conjure up the good old days were piled into baskets.  If you’re ever in the Third Ward area of Milwaukee, WI and you love stationery as much as I, be sure to stop in.  My favorite find here, has been the 100% cotton music note ribbon that is completely biodegradable, responsibly grown and dyed in the U.S.  Check out more of their ribbons are creamcityribbon.com.

One lovely discovery was a store called Delfonics, in the Louvre Museum in Paris.    There were beautiful writing instruments on display in glass cases and well-made, quality items for the tech savvy to the amateur artist.  All wonderful to be gifted to someone special.  There, I picked up washi tape.

Stationery 2


I visited Typo at the Mall of America recently and found great animal prints and retro graphics on many of their pencil bags and journals.  Everything was charming and whimsical and at great prices.  It sort of has a hipster vibe to the store, ironic concepts with bold vintage references.  There I stocked up on some travel sized journals and other miscellaneous desk things.

Pretty desk items encourage the art of journaling and make jotting down appointments that much more interesting.  Boring Post-Its no longer cut it, as I now look for unusual illustrations and unique diary covers.  Having these items on hand motivate one’s self to maintain the art of writing longhand.

But then again, sometimes they’re just too pretty to use!

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