Quick Slicks for the Eyes

Quick SlicksAlarm goes off and I hit snooze….about a dozen times, until finally, I get up fifteen minutes before I leave the house.  I am frequently guilty of this lazy habit.  For a few seconds before my mind clears, I have the fleeting thought that I don’t care how I look going into the office.  But I do!  I care very much!  Once the sleep is washed from my eyes and I’m somewhat functional, I wonder what the quickest makeup application will make me look human.

What saves me are my latest favorites.  Cream eye shadows.  I was late on this bandwagon, but it doesn’t make me any less of a fan of these little pots of miracles.  If I need a quick two-minute eye look, Maybelline’s 24 Hour Color Tattoos in Bad to the Bronze and Inked in Pink come to the rescue, along with a W3ll People in Universalist, a sheer champagne shimmer highlight.

I use Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion as a base to keep things in place.  I have oily skin and Asian eyelids, meaning I don’t have the double eyelid many do, so creasing is a big problem without this wonderful primer.

A quick slick of Bad to the Bronze over the outer corner of the lids, working it toward the inner corner in a sort of gradient affect makes my eyelids look as if I’ve got several shades of brown on.  A dab of Inked in Pink toward the center of the lid gives them a wake-me-up sheen and I finish it off with W3ll People’s Universalist champagne shimmer to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and under my brow lines.

No brushes, no precision needed.  I can build it up to as dramatic as I want, though I doubt the office would appreciate such “wild” eye makeup, so I keep it tame.  They stay on all day and come off easily at night with any eye makeup remover.  Even if I forget to apply blush, this pulls together my look for the day.

Wonderfully versatile little pots. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs items in their makeup starter kit.  This is a definite must-have for those who want pretty eye looks, but have little time – or patience!

Let me know what your favorite cream shadows are.  This is my first time trying them and so far, I am in love.  Do you prefer the paint pots or in stick form?  Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

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